Virtual Gallery Orders

In the virtual gallery, the materials used are only examples which allows for the flexibility of changing the metal and colour/type of gemstones used depending on the clients preference.

Once we reach an agreement on the materials to use, a second 3D rendering will be made so that you can view your pieces in the chosen form.

If you are satisfied with their chosen design, the piece will be carved into wax where you will have the option of viewing and trying it on. Then, the model will be cast into metal and the stones set, resulting in a piece which through designer/clientele collaboration meets individual creative vision.

Custom Designs

If a customer has a specific idea in mind and/or has old jewelry or stones they wish to put to use in creating a new piece, a custom design will allow them full control over every aspect of the design

We will begin with a few sketches to reach a basic idea, whereupon a 3D design will be made so that you can see a lifelike rendering of how the piece will look before creating the wax model. At this point any further alterations may be made

Once all details of the design are agreed upon and meet the customer's expectations, the piece will be carved into wax, then cast into metal and the stones set in.

Designer Collection Orders

All pieces from the Designer Collections are readily available for purchase.

If you have any inquiries regarding these designs or would like to make an order, please contact me through email so that I may answer any questions or take payment and send an invoice.

All pieces are shipped within two days after receiving payment.


All gemstones in the gallery are available for purchase, either as loose stones or to be used in a design we create together.

Only a limited amount of stock is available online, therefore if you wish to purchase a gemstone with any type of specifications which are not visible on the website, please feel free to contact me as I am able to get stones of your choosing within two weeks.