About Edit Simon

Edit Simon has harboured a passion for gems and jewelry design for most of her life. Born and raised in Hungary, she spent a lot of time adding to her ever-growing collection of gemstones and jewelry, and had hoped to make it a vocation of hers. She began cutting gems as a hobby and upon moving to Canada, she began her schooling at the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A) to acquire her Accredited Jewelry Professional Certificate.

She continued her studies at GIA and received her Graduate Diamond Degree in 2010, followed by a Graduate Gemologist Degree in the fall of 2011. She works part time as a gemologist and diamond grader at the Canadian Gemological laboratories (CGL) to further her knowledge with in depth experience. She has affiliations with the GIA Alumni Association, the American Opal Society, United States Faceters Guild, the Woman's Jewelry Association (WJA), the British Columbia Lapidary Society, and is also a member of MJSA.

Edit draws inspiration from her surroundings to influence her artwork; combinging nature, her talent and a creative imagination to perfect her craft. She is a lapidary artist who custom cuts and polishes gemstones and has a great inclination and adoration for creating her own jewelry designs and integrating them with her own custom gemstones to create timeless and unique pieces of wearable art.

With her newest added talent - CAD Design - she is able to create the most intricate, detailed design in perfect photo realism in order for her clients to have the option of seeing their custom design before it is brought to life. Her passion for creative design results in unique and appealing classic pieces catered to the individual taste of her clients.